A Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Your Online Business

     Do you want a business that runs automatically without you? Maybe you can say ok, but I need to hire other people, and sometimes that not effective. ok, maybe, but if I say you can build automatically online business without hire staff and it’s free, What do you say?.

Yes, it free and it ‘’ll help you save a lot of time, money and work! So cool, right

So now, I’ll share with you how to build it, let go:

There’re two important parts you can automatically for your business they're:
Social Media
Email Marketing

When I mention to social media, some of the people post manually, some pro blogger says you should use buffer to Schedule your sequence posts with different social media channels like twitter, facebook or LinkedIn at one time. This is considered to be more progressive and it saves you a lot of the time.

But I want to let you know that you can go farther than that by set up a completely automated system that auto selecting your posts, recurring your post in the free time, sharing your posts on various social networks at the same time, automatically thank those who have shared your articles and follow you , or automatically send a welcome message to those who follow you on the twitter.

In other words, it will work without you there, what you do is just answer the reader's questions through these social media

1. Social Media Automation

To do that you need to set up a Zapier account, then click on make a Zap

There ‘re 2 part Trigger app and Action app. That means when you Trigger one app, the other app (Action app) will perform another action follow

In this example, I ‘ll make a zap that automatically shares what on Twitter for Pinterest

In trigger choose Twitter.

There are many types of trigger like search mention, My Tweet, New Follower, Liked Tweet,…

Let choose My Tweet and click on Continue

Then the system ‘ll verify your Twitter account

In action, app choose Pinterest or whatever social media that you want to perform an action

Then click on Save+ Continue

Add your Pinterest account

In Edit template part choose the import twitter data that you want to display on the Pinterest account such as broad to post, image, tile, link,...

Finally, This sample display to make sure everything looks right, you can also test the Zap before active it
Click on Finish

Finally active the Zap

Congratulations! you just make a Zap that will automatically share what on Twitter to Pinterest.

So now you can make another Zap for Facebook and Twitter, Twitter and Linkedin or Linkedin and Tumblr,…

This will help you create a domino effect. All you do is try posting on any social network, for example:

When you make a Zap between Facebook and Twitter, where Facebook is trigger app when you share the post on the Facebook it will also automatically share on Twitter.

Zap: Facebook ---> Twiter: Facebook shares to Twiter

If you have another Zap between Twitter and Pinterest, when Twitter share the Facebook post it will automatically post to Pinterest, like this:

Zap1: Facebook --> Twitter + Zap2: Twitter --> Pinterest

>> Result: Facebook share to Twitter and Twiter share to Pinterest!

Now you can create a sequence of social networks as long as you want and make sure have a linked app between them.

Now you know how to create automated chaining shares the articles among different social networks.

But like I said earlier, I want you to have a system that automatically chooses your post and recur post on social media without you right? yes that it’s

Auto choose and repeat your post for social media

Let go to Recurpost (it's free), Recurpost is a tool that keeps your article evergreen, what you do is set up an account here [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you upgrade through this link.]

Next, go to Social Account to add your account

Then go to the Content Library, click on add new library.

Fill in your library name and add this

 Add your update

After that, write your message or drop your link as the image below

Then Add it to your library

Finally, choose to Add An Update 

Now go to Schedule and add the day you want to repeat the post as well as the post’s frequency of each social accounts

Add the days/router as well as the social channels that you want to repeat your posts  

So now the system will auto post your contents and recur them in the days/router that you choose.

You can go to smart queue to know when your post will be published by the system as well as the post that system choose to post

That’s, you have a system that auto choose your posts, schedule, publish them, and recur the post

Now I ‘ll share with you some of zaps and tools that help you send the auto welcome message, say thank your new follower or for share/like your link,…

Auto Send a direct message to your new follower

Set up an IFTTT account, like Zapier that also a tool to help you integrate many apps together

Then go to this link: Send the welcome message via DM to your new followers on Twitter

Choose the setting button and fill in your message content


Then click Save

Finally, make sure you activate the Zap

Auto send the newly published article from any website

Go to dlvrit. Add your social account by click on the Social button

Then and choose Feed ---> choose to add New Feed

Add the website you want to share content

Choose your edit output To adjust the components which you want to display on your like the title, their social account name, post URL, .. like this.

Then click on Save.

*Note: You should add other sites content on your social feed if you don’t publish your own article regularly, but if you post regularly, You should limit the use of this tool to avoid bombarding your audiences.

2. Email Marketing Automation

   Like social media, you can auto your email marketing campaign. However, email has more strict moderation and you must avoid using it for spamming purpose.

So if you just send an email with the purpose of offering or placing pressure on the customer, it is not the right way to go and can lead to the following bad consequences.

  • Your email goes to your spam mailbox
  • Your email is blocked by the automated email service
  • Make customers uncomfortable with your emails

So before i guide you on how to build an automated email campaign, I would like to share some solutions to help your email campaign not fall into the above problems.

So How to avoid your email campaign go to spam box

When you send a ton of email at the same time and people don’t open them up, your email automatically going to peoples spam box.

This is a problem that most businesses make when trying to email as many people as possible and that happens in every email provider like AOL, Yahoo mail, Hot mail, and Gmail.

So if your list has 100,000 emails, you only start sending a few like 1000, and the next day you start sending 3,000 or 4,000, from then you start sending 9,000 to 10,000 then 20,000 then 40,000 then 60,000 and then maybe 100,000.

When you do this, you ͚ll be warming up, the email provider like AOL, Yahoo mail, Hot mail and Gmail they'll be more comfortable with your emails and they will put them to the inbox.

How to avoid email provider block your email campaigns

To avoid this problem you have to send quality email, and that related to your email content, to make sure your email is good, let use spam score check tool, just copy your content and paste it into this tool, that’ll show you the spam score, as well as the ways to reduce your spam score.

The other factor that affects to the possibility of blocking your email campaign that is the number of emails you send in one time, when you send a ton of emails at the same time, the high probability that your campaign will be censored by email service provider.

So avoid this happened Break your campaign down. That lets you reduce the number of emails you send in one time.

How to use email to build relationships with your audiences

Like I said above if you just use email to offering and putting pressure on customers, this will not bring you any results but also hurt your business.

People love shopping but they do not want to be sold, so instead of using one type of boring high-pressure email, you need to provide real value to your audiences before offering them

I recommend using the 6 types of following emails alternately

•    Promoting your company’s products and services
•    Providing additional educational content to your subscribers
•    Asking them to add your email address to their safe listener
•    Promoting another company’s products as an affiliate
•    Highlighting existing content on your website to your new subscribers
•    Asking subscribers for feedback about your content and your company’s products

By this way, you ‘ll make your customers feel more comfortable and feel like you provide real values for them than just try to sale

Read more: How To Use Email Marketing Right Way

So, you know how to avoid your email campaigns become useless. Go to the next. I’ll show you how to build an auto email campaign.

Build Auto Email Campaign

First, go to Benchmark Email (free) and set up an account [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you upgrade through this link.]

Then choose Automation

Next, choose to Automation Lite and Create New Automation

Then choose Contact List Automation and click Next

Next, in Automation Details part, fill in some required fields like Automation Name, Automation Description.

In Contact List Selection, choose the list that you want to send the email campaign

In Trigger Selection, there are many types of automation email you can choose like
  • Send emails when contact is added to a list
  • Send birthday, anniversary and other annual emails
  • Send timed emails based on an exact date

In this example, I ‘ll choose the option: Send emails when contact is added to a list

In Sequence Email Details filling your name and your email address, then click Save & Next

Then choose to Add New Email, then filling your Subject Line, choose your Email Delay, in this example, I choose email will automatically send to my new subscribers after 3 day

You also can choose Select Send Days or Send Time

After that, click Save & Next

You go to the email editor, let choose DRAG & DROP EDITOR and click Next

Now you can design your email and add the content that you want to send. When you finish clicking on Save & Next

Finally, Active Automation and then Confirm it

Great, you just create an automatic email! And this email will auto repeat send to each new subscriber after 3 days they join your list!

Now you can create another sequence of automatic emails that trigger for each new subscribers like a follow-up email, a multi-part lesson, your series articles or your sale funnel.

Other useful tools for your email campaign

Hubspot (Free)
A great tool that composes many types of email templates such as first touch email, follow up email,...what you do is just  fill in the blank that fit for your business

OptinMonster (Paid)
OptinMonster helps you collect email addresses through a variety of popups, hello bars, welcome mats, and other innovative tools.

Deadline Funnel (Paid)
Deadline funnel automates product launches, landing pages, videos, email sequences by using personalized deadlines which help to optimize your campaign, driving more traffic, and generating more leads. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]


 Above are tools that I’m using to run my business.

So, what’re the tools and tactics that you like

And what’re the other tools that you want to share, please comment below

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