The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Beginner!

There’s a lot of material out there about how to grow affiliate marketing, what’s is the best WordPress plugin, SEO, optimize Affiliate marketing business,… Which’re all critical parts of your business strategy, But what about the best affiliate marketing strategy for beginners?
 When you start you can meet some of the biggest problems, such as how and where to start?  You can also wonder that Affiliate Networks you intent to joint could be suitable for your purpose or not? Such as commission, variety, and quality of products, what’s the proven effective plan, strategies or tactics you should follow? the reason why it works? Are you make money with it? Right?
So, This article is a how-to guide that will explain in great detail every single step you need to take to become master affiliate marketing and achieve your dream income in the next few month or year.  I will explain step-by-step everything you need to do. Some people may be seeking magic tools that help them get rich overnight, sorry it’s not real, magic is what you commit to do and follow, especially at the start, so you will have to put in a few hours of time every single day, this’s a proven strategy I'm making money with it, it used to help me earn nearly 2000$ commission in the first two months, not bad for beginner, right?
Do you know why most people fail when it comes to making money online?
I will give you a secret. That’s the biggest secret I learned from the process of building my business, that’s 80% psychology and 20% skills, don’t get me wrong skills are critical, you know the skills you’re not gonna succeed, But you’re on psychology you don’t have the skills you still won’t follow through.
That’s the reason why many people see the strategy In front of them, but they still cannot follow them. So what they do is only some weak action, and if not successful, they say it doesn’t work
There are three categories of people in Network Marketing that mentioned by Eric Wore in the book Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional. I’ve seen all of them and I’ve been all of them. They are the Posers, the Amateurs, and the Professionals. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through the Go Pro book links.]
Posers treat this profession as a lottery ticket. They’re hoping to hit it big with as little effort as possible. When I first started out, I was a Poser, hoping to ride on my dad and his partner’s coattails. Luckily for me, I got some results and that kept me going, at least in the short-term. But I think you can agree with me that remaining in the Poser category is a bad idea. Within about 90 days I moved out of that category and became an Amateur
An amateur is someone who is looking for that one distributor that will build their organization for them. You’ve heard stories about how one person brings most of a leaders income in for him. But that is rare. They are also the people who shout ground floor opportunity and the best compensation plan ever all over Facebook and other social media sites. Basically, they are hoping for luck, positioning, and timing will take care of everything for them and they will be able to sit back on the beach and count their cash.
A professional network marketer is similar to other professionals. What do all professionals need? They need to learn the skills of Network Marketing and master them. They must keep learning and keep growing.
if you’re going to be involved, it’s best to become a professional  And I really hope you become one of them. The next step is recognizing that you’ll need to learn some step to start your affiliate marketing

STEP ONE: Joint an Affiliate Networks

The first step is to join an affiliate marketing networks. There are many affiliate marketing networks with different commission level such as Amazon affiliate, click bank or commission junction,… I would suggest you take some time and search for them, reading and researching different networks, products, and programs.
Maybe you can hear some people say you should join an affiliate network that you’ll get high commission. Many people will disregard programs such as Amazon because “their commission percents are too low”. But In my opinion, when you start you should choose an affiliate network that has a huge number of different quality products like Amazon. Because according to my experience most people flock to the programs offering 50% or even 90% commissions! Such as Click bank, Mobe,.. but these programs tend to be fly-by-night products. So if you want to join Amazon, you can add something like Clickbank and Shopify to the mix. By this way, you have a good mix of things to offer, you also can concentrate your earnings at one place and build up potential profit from the other program.
Here’re some of the affiliate programs you can joint


STEP TWO: Choose A Product

Over the next several years, as you are building your online empire that will generate a lifetime of financial freedom, it is important that you learn to choose a product to add to your new brand. You should keep a list of the products you are promoting and sort by type and price range. Some products are under $ 100, other products over $ 1000. Some products should be physical such as DVDs, printed books, machine,… Other products should be digital or downloadable, such as ebooks, software, online services, etc. The most important thing is that you build a large portfolio of all different types of products and price ranges.
When you choose products to add to your services, make a decision based on the quality of the product and the sales pages of the company that actually supplies the product. Even better you can buy and test this product and give your opinion about the pro and cons of this product.
Example: If you have joined several affiliate marketing programs, like Amazon Affiliate or Click bank, you will be able to browse through the many products and services they offer. Look around and find a quality product that you want to put them in your store. Ensure sales pages, reviews, testimonials and other sales and marketing details are the qualities you want in your business partner. And make sure it’s a product that other people will need, like, or want
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STEP THREE: Attract Your Customer

The next step is to attract your customer buy to build a beautiful store, the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself if your website is attractive. The design of an online store is crucial, You have to be aware that a user ‘s purchase decision, Customers having thousands of online stores to choose from, will pick the one whose design is the most modern and aesthetic. And the reason for this is simple: a beautiful store is considered more reliable and trustworthy, the second way that’s to attract your customer through social media.
Social media is one of the channels that enables you free promotion. Of course, if you publish ads among networks, you will pay, but the mere presence is free. And it can bring lots of benefits too. The key to success in social media is providing marvelous content. You have to be interesting and outstanding so that people will want to follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at no financial expense. So what actually should you do to attract customers using social media?
  • Post regularly– at least on a daily basis, so customers can’t forget about you (but not at all costs – if you post just because you should, it may have a reverse effect!)
  • Engage your users: ask them questions, reply to their comments, try to catch their attention
  • Choose the best channels for your business, but always focus on Facebook and Pinterest, because those drive the most traffic to online stores
  • Use graphics– posts with images usually get 50% more engagement than others
*You can send some tips or stylizations related to your products – this way you will inspire people and make them visit your store.
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STEP FOUR: Build Your Highway

The next step is to Build Your “Highway” This idea I learn from  David Ruebush.
Now, You have a beautiful online store, and that makes money for you, next you are creating an online “street” or “highway” that pointing customers in the right direction.
According to David, your online business can become a major highway, where shoppers travel to find where to shop. Businesses set up shops along the highway so people can find them. As customers go along your highway, they may exit to purchase goods in one of the businesses along their route. And each business along your highway pays you a small of money every time someone exits from the highway and buys something in their store. Instead of owning a shop (one product) where people shop before, you own a highway and make money every time someone buys something in any store along the route. To earn more You can make your highway longer and build more store (your product) to set up along the route. And you can do this over and over and over again until you’re too rich you are tired of money
So now you may be asking an important question. How do you create a highway where people will travel to find things to buy on the internet?
The secret to building a highway that is to create three to five points along your shopping highway is what we call “article marketing”. You will create three or five separate but related articles around each product you offer. These five content articles will each have a specific purpose, but work collectively to attract people from different “angles”
A Sales Pitch
An Honest Review or Report
A Features, Benefits Or Solutions Manuscript
An Educational, Informative Article
An Entertaining Story
Inside each point, you will include links to the website that sells your relative product or service. After each point is created. It will guide people from where they are to where they want to be. And they will cause shop owners along your highway to pay you over and over again for your product/service, instead of building a small road, you are building super-highway that will drive exponentially more sales commissions and profits to your account
Remember when you build each point, make sure you choose tags for targeting. These are keyword phrases. For example: If you offer a lose weight book, you should select “ lose weight without hard exercise”, “ lose weight without diet”, or “ lose weight fast” . you have to choose keyword phrases that show actual customers may look for something. And if your product fills these prey, you will attract more buying customers.
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STEP FIVE: Follow Up

When you are promoting a product through your high way, you should always build a mailing list via an opt-in page. You can do it by giving away a free report, ebook, useful tip, or product trying to exchange their email. All you need to build a mailing list is an autoresponder, place some opt-in forms on your page to capture subscribers to your mailing list.
Now maybe you can ask why you should do it, right?
Because when your customer has just bought a product from you, he or she is in a buying mood and is likely to make more purchases from you, so you can create backend marketing to promote more product/service with them. With these people just visit without buying, it’s essential to reselling your product to them via email marketing.
E-mail marketing. It is both a cheap and effective solution to attract customers. people have the more positive attitude towards companies that send them e-mails. 71% of respondents stated that when shopping they always remember e-mails that a company send to them. These results confirm the importance of email marketing. But what actually can you do?
Some of the most common ideas are:
  • send emails about new products
  • send emails about sales and promos
  • send emails after purchase with similar or recommended products, so that people are eager to make another purchase
  • send emails to clients who haven’t been active in your store for a while with discount coupons to make them revisit your website
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STEP SIX: Repeat

The final step in your business plan is essentially the “repeat” stage. Once you have three or five points published around your product or service, it is time to choose the next product or service you want to add along with your highway, nothing new, you repeat the steps before. You find a new product, you research the product, you choose three or five tags, you write three to five points, and you start over again. If you want to expand your profit from your current business You can repeat from step five and add more products to your current high way.
Or if you want to build another business that offers products completely different from your current business, you can come back from step one, choose suitable affiliate network, choose your new product, research the product, select three to five tags, and you create three/five points about the product (new high way).


I share with you my strategy, my business plan that I’m using. You can use it or leave it. It depends on you. You can start your business right now and build an income as you wish today.
Or If not, how much money have you lost in the last three year because you have not started your business as you want? Don’t choose affiliate net worth fit for you? don’t promote any type and price range of product? don’t build your “high way”, don’t follow up? How much is the total you lost?
How much has it cost you emotionally in additional frustration, regret, anger, upset and lowered self-esteem by not start your business? What has been the emotional cost for you?
If you continue for the next five years not to start your business what will the cost be?, How will you feel about yourself?
If you were to consistently utilize what are you learning here now and start your business—by changing your physiology like professional, start commit to learn some skill such as research for suitable affiliate net worth, add a product to your business every week, or month, expand your income by create your own”high way”, leverage sell with your current customer and reselling your product with those people who say ”no”? How much money would you make? How much fun would you have?
If you follow the plan I set out here for you, you will see that it works. It takes time. It will not make you rich overnight. But it does work. If you do right, you will eventually look up one day and realize you have a very profitable, very reliable business. And I will be here all along the way to help your business better and more profitable.

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