5 Tools Everyone In The Affiliate Marketing Industry Should Be Using

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you may ask why some bloggers are able to produce regular articles and still make quality posts or how can they send dozens of emails in one day and still have time to do other things.

Actually, you can do as they do, the solution here is that you have to know the best tools for you, which is not only help you avoid losing time on trivial things but also help you optimize the results achieved.

Here are five tools that any affiliate marketer should use

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

Give you a topic, when you do not have much time to think about ideas on your topic. Hubspot blog ideas generator will do this for you.

You just simply access this tool and enter the topic you are interested in as shown in the following picture

And then click GIVE ME BLOG IDEALS! Then this tool will automatically give you 5 ideas for one week like this

You can also download ideas for 1 year if you scroll down and fill in the required information

Then the file is downloaded as excel and you have ideas for 1 year without much effort


Those who do online marketing are probably familiar with this tool, buzzsumo help you find the “hottest” article on your market and it is shown through the interaction (like or share),

From there it gives an overview of what your readers are interested in, helping you develop content that is more relevant to your market.

For example, when I search the landscape garden, the results will look like this

You can see the number of facebook shares or the total number shares of other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, which reflects the reader's interest in the subject matter that the article refers to, you can click through and go to the article to see the content.

Now you need to answer some questions

What does this article need to be improved?
Can I provide more information ?
How is the article presented?
How many images in the article?
How many words of this article?

 Then turn those ideas into your own by trying to add new information or new strategies that the old article did not mention, if the article is too good and there seems nothing to improve then strategy in this case is to find a specific problem or method in this article and go deep into it, 

Usually, when the reader likes a certain article they tend to learn more about the solutions or problem that the article mentions and you should not ignore this opportunity

Benchmark Email

This is a tool to automatically send email to all your audiences in just one click, there are many other automatic emailing services like mail chimp, convertkit or aweber, but personally, i like to use bench mark because it has a free version for beginners and most of all the automation functions, 

Normally you have to pay to use it in other services but in the email benchmark it's free

Automation means you compose have a bunch of emails written in advance and schedule dates to send them in order, which will not only save you time sending email to each one but also help you automate the process of emailing to the list. yours.

To sign up for the benchmark is simple: go to Benchmark Email and click on the Free Plan [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you upgrade your account through this link.]

 Fill in the required information, and click on the Create Free Plan.

Then you verified your account through your email

How to send the broadcast email to all my audiences?

Before you send you need to create a list

Click to Contact on your main page 

And then choose to Create New list:

Choose Regular List then click Next, there’re 4 options to add contacts to your list

Choose the way you want to add contact to your list

When you have a new list then comeback to your main page and click on Email

Then choose to Create New Email

Choose Regular email

Choose Drag and Drop editor and click Next, of course, you can choose code editor if you good at code or plain text editor

In the after part it will ask you somes required formation and your email content, it easy to follow.

Finally, you can schedule or send immediately your message


Canva is a free design tool created by Guy Kawasaki, you can create a professional design from the logo, book cover, banner, ad, .. with a few simple operations.

Visit the canvas and press the Create a design button.

 You will see Recommended such as facebook posters, posters, book covers, logos, depending on what you want to design 

Then you will see the five components on the left vertical bar, including Layouts, Composition, Text, Background, or you can Upload images from your computer.

You can also search for relevant topics related to your design

* Note: Canva has both free and paid photos, if you want to use the paid image you have to pay before download, if not the image will contain Canva logo

Genius.us link

That is a great tool for all affiliate marketers, normally if the product you promote is purchased by someone you will earn a percentage of the total that that person buys within a twenty-four hour period. 

Yes ! you will earn a percentage of all stuff that person are purchased. But Only if they live in the same country as you

If you are an associate in the U.S., you will earn a commission percentage on the product you promote and different stuff, you get a commission on all of it, but the people outside of the U.S. click on your link, they are automatically redirected to their respective Amazon country, and you lose out on a potential commission
Geni.us Links will solve this problem for you. A Genius Link will determine what the country is clicking from, and redirect it through your affiliate link for that specific country.

It's great that your website will reach readers in different countries, especially English pages, so it's really a big deal.

How to use Geni.us ?

First, go to Geni.us Click Try it Free and fill all required information to sign up

Then on your link field copy your affiliate link on it

When you paste your link this pop up will appear

Then click Save

Finally, Copy your Geni.us link and paste it on your site, 

Now you can do affiliate marketing without fear of losing potential profits


So I introduced you to 5 affiliate tools and you can start using it and get results, they helps me a lot, and what is your favorite tool? Please comment below to share your opinion

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