How To Persuade Prospects Before The Buy Button

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Have you ever wondered why your product is good like that, your ad is great like that, and it has attracted thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views, but the strange thing that is No one buys, then what’re you wonder?

Is my product not good enough? People, who I targeted not an ideal customer? my ad is not right? or are there a problem with my site?…

There are a lot of questions, right but the core question is do you persuade Prospects Before the Buy Button?. If you do not persuade your visitor, 90% of them will not buy


The fact is that only 3% or less of the visitors will want to buy from you, 6-7% of them will receive but still not buy your product, which can be shown by the following model:

This is due to human nature as a child we are taught not to trust strangers and bargain when buying. So it's hard to convince strangers to buy your product in the first place because it's a habit that has been ingrained in our generation since childhood.

That is also why most sites attract a lot of visitors but the conversion rate is very low or almost zero.
Unfortunately, most courses or professionals try to build sales funnels by driving traffic to landing pages, getting visitor emails, and send a series of offer emails

This is annoying to the customer and it will not be as useful as you think, no matter how big the pressure you make, so building these sales funnels not only waste your time and effort but they also damage your brand


To overcome this problem, you should follow their beliefs and habits rather than against them,
When you try to put pressure on audiences, the message they see is that you want them to buy while they do not know who you are, how is your company, what is your product and it contrary to their beliefs/habits that they do not buy from strangers, that makes them feel uncomfortable, and they see it as a nuisance.

So the best way is to persuade customers before the Buy Button. Give your customers the opportunity to know who you are, what your product is, or how your business doing, before making any formal offer.

Now, you know what to do to help your business move in the right direction, then you can ask about how to persuade customers. That's exactly what I'm going to share with you and that's what I always share with my loyal customers.

There are 7 ways to persuade customer before the buy button and they were created based on the book Influence by Robert Cialdini

1. Liking

To liking you need using verbiage and image selection to match a visitor's taste, the theory of this principle is We are more likely to make up with requests made by people we like.

In fact, we often trust the advice from friends, celebrities that we love more than the ads on TV or somewhere.

So to apply these principles, use the language you are telling to your close friends, not a company is talking publicly, make them feel you are talking face to face with them and understand their problems.

One study also pointed out that using the language as a close friend help you increased double the email open rate

Another way to do liking is to make your website well designed, in line with the purpose of the site.

Many people say you should only focus on the content and do not pay attention to the design, because people are only interested in your content, right? but the truth is not so, they care of design, try to think that you visit a site that is designed not professional or ugly, then you will feel that its content is as normal as its design. Although we know this is not true, and it is just our feeling, but in most case we let emotions driven

So focus on the template, using quality images, which will make customers feel your site a lot of better, All Free Download or Free CSS are the good sources to find suitable templates for your site and you can also use Flickr, Pixabay to get free quality images.

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2. Social proof

This comes from the fact that we want to be part of society, we do not want to miss something. Since childhood, we have been taught to not do something weird if we do not want to be seen as crazy and stupid.
Whenever you feel very certain about an answer, but when you look at the vast majority of people choosing the opposite, at that time, Do you have any doubts about the answer you choose?.

 If Yes, this is a normal feeling, Not because we have no stance but because we are afraid of wrong, You believe that the more people who choose it, the better it is, and as a habit, we choose to play safe rather than risky to against the masses.

That is why social proof plays an important role in attracting customers. So, create the social proof to prove your product works well, let people see that customers are getting the benefits from your product.

You can create proofs by interviewing your customers who have purchased or are trying your products, ask customers to leave comments, and if you do not have a customer yet, calling your friends or family for a trial and take comments from them. Then post those comments (if your customers allow, use their name and photo) on the home page, product site, or social networks.

And as a compulsion, your product must be really good, do not say it's good if it's not good, this may entice customers to look at you as a liar. Therefore a good product is a minimum requirement for you to succeed, and it is not difficult to create or search for these type of products on the market.

If you are an affiliate, Amazon, eBay, or Clickbank are great programs to look for quality products or if you want to create your own product, you can do it yourself or hire expert from Freelancer, Fiver and Upwork [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through Freelancer and Fiver link.]

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3. Consistency

Maybe you will hear some experts say “selling $ 1 products is as hard as selling $ 1000 products”, is it true? It's just right in every context, it works if everyone is familiar with your product or they know who you are and they trust you.

However, if you are new and have no reputation in the market, it is very difficult for you to offer an expensive product from the start, because it is too risky, fortunately, you can set up the consistency habit for your customers by selling cheaper products at the first time and gradually selling more expensive products, which is useful because human nature is a bargain and they wants to choose the one that works best for them.

 To do that they will compare the price, quality of your product versus competitors products, this will be detrimental to you, however, you can reduce this comparison by using the small differences,

For example, at first, you will be offering products from $ 6, after $ 20 after $ 50 then $ 100 then $ 150 then $ 250 then $ 500 then $ 750 and finally $ 1,000

By this way, your customers will be less shocked, why? because your customers tend to compare the two products closest to each other and ignore all previous products, so they will only see the previous product is $ 750 and this product is $ 1000 and the difference is acceptable.

During this process, you also have created a consistency habit for them that is buying from you, so if they do not buy, they will feel inconsistent with their habits.


4. Authority

As I mentioned above, we tend to play safe and try to minimize risk, and we do it by following those who are considered professionals or masters. In some ways, we feel more confident when we follow a person or method that has been proven effective.

In life, too, we often follow the traffic police who instruct you to go right or left, by understanding that behavior you can apply it to persuade customers by mentioning the big brands or superstars in your field, you can show proof that you've worked with those big customers, how they trust your company.( that also related to principle 2 social proof )

If you do not have big customers, you can use this method indirectly, when you are demonstrating something or displaying a feature of your product, linking them with the evidence of famous people.

That is the reason why I take the example of Robert Cialdini or John Reese in this article

For example, when you set up buying habits for customers from small products, customers tend to buy more expensive ones from you, which is reported in psychologist Jonathan Freedman's report. and Scott Fraser in 1960

By this way, you link your ideas with the evidence from Jonathan Freedman's and Scott Fraser, and that increase the Authority of your article

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5. Reciprocity

This is a rule based on social norms that we often return what we receive from others when you give away something for free, the recipient will feel grateful and they often accept your request as a move to repay
As Gary Vaynerchuk says "If you give them enough value they will feel rude if rejected".

That's why successful bloggers like Neil Patel, John Reese, or Gary Vaynerchuk provide their readers with a lot of free valuable information for a long time and when they launch their products, hundreds of thousands of people are willing to buy their products, not just from the quality of their products, but from the support the audience gives them.

Now, you know what to do to build support from your audiences that is offering free value to people first, but you can also make this strategy become more effective by providing something exclusive, this makes them feel special and it shows you really care about their problems.

John Reese used this strategy to make over $ 1 million in one day, and he reported it in the book one millionaire day.
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6. Unity

Do you know why religions, apple or Harley are attracting masses of loyal customers, because of their product quality?

Maybe but it's just a part, as you see in the market there are many products of equivalent quality or even better, a Dell computer is not inferior to a MacBook, Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki motorcycles are not inferior to Harley or even their delivery service faster than Harley, but they still to make people wait in line to buy Apple products or wait a year to own a Harley motorcycle. This is a completely different thing

These brands have gathered the majority of loyal customers because they share their beliefs, and people with similar beliefs are automatically attracted to them to towards a higher purpose

When we feel like belonging to something like in a group, we feel more united and more responsible, we want to do something because it helps to express our beliefs, our lifestyle, not because of any other coercion.

There are many ways to build the unity, but the most effective way to create it is to use family-related language, as Robert Cialdini shares, Advise readers as you advise members in your family.

Take for example of warren buffet: "The big concern of shareholders is always what happens to Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, and when the buffet is no longer in charge of the company, In an important letter For the shareholders related to the succession plan, Buffett wrote, "I'll tell you what I'm going to tell my family today if they ask me about the future of Berkshire."

Using words like talking to family members plus With the persuasive content’s letter,

The investment community has reacted very positively and praised it as the best buffet letter ever. "
Now you can also apply it by saying something like "Here's what I'd advise my children/sister to do ..." Naturally, you could use words like brother, sister or parents, etc. rather than a stranger.

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7. Scarcity

Now imagine you go to the supermarket and intent to buy a box of cake, but in the supermarket, there are too many different types of cakes and you do not know which type to buy, Suddenly you see a cake that has only one box, how do you feel? Choose the other cake that has more or quickly get the last cake before someone took it?

Have you ever wondered about a donut, chocolate bar or any other product that becomes valuable when they only have one?

To explain this phenomenon, there are three psychological factors that are: psychological reactance, loss aversion, and commodity theory

Psychological reactance: we do not want to be limited when we feel limited freedom, we feel a natural tendency to maintain or regain that freedom because there is only one cake box and that limits your choice so you will react because of it.

Loss aversion: The pressure to avoid a loss of overcoming pressure to gain a benefit (Tversky & Kahneman, 1991). We all feel instinctive to avoid loss, including the loss of a chance. When only one box, the pressure increases that make we grab the last box before we lose the chance.

Commodity theory (Brock, 1968). This theory suggests that people place higher values on something when it is limited and unavailable, compared to when it is plentiful and abundant.

There are many ways to create scarcity like quantity limits, time or geographic limits, The interesting thing is that you can increase the pressure by repeating it on the same campaign and the pressure produced will be significant, Here are four emails to boost the pressure from the marketing expert Frank Kern 

Email 1: Only 500 products will be launched
Email 2: The first 200 people will receive bonuses worth $ 50
Email 3: The first 100 people will be discounted half the product, the rest will have to buy the original price
Email 4: We will limit 1 person per city to buy the product

 What're your prospects think? I do not know, but maybe like this. "Oh well, only 500 copies will be published and the first 200 buyers will receive the bonus, if I were the first 100 I would not only get the bonus but also get the Half price, maybe I have to buy it fast "

Of course, this is just basic content and it's not a complete email, you can add anything you want, but be sure to create a clear and specific message, you can Increase or decrease the pressure depending on your ability.

Note: Here you should only use bonuses as a way of referring to scarcity, for example only 200 the first buyer will get the bonus, the problem here is not to overuse the bonus such as donating too many bonuses, although it may stimulate shoppers in the short term

But in the long term, it will invisibly create the habit of placing too high expectations on your bonus, (see Rule 3) so if you reduce the bonus, it will cause inconsistency, and maybe lead to lose customers and it’s not an effective financially strategy, so limit bonuses, no more than 3 per launch, and do not go up.

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Here are seven methods used to persuade potential customers, you can start with one or all seven methods to increase the resonance and balance between them, except for the 7th method - scarcity it can only be used for sales pages, the remaining methods should be used throughout the site to increase persuasion.

High-pressure sales models are no longer effective and they only bring trouble to you and your customers, now are the time to change our approach to customers more effectively, convincingly and more constructively.

And finally, Do you think people buy from you because of what, because of your smart product? because of your knowledge? or because of the reputation of your company. Probably not, people who buy from you because they like you, trust you and the most important they believe you have their best interested

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