Is Content is King a Lie?

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Content is king!.., New blogger look at your situation

You may have heard this a thousand times and thought it was all you had to do to be successful then look at your situation if you are a small blogger, I know you have invested in your article, analyze, compile statistics, try to come up with lots of valuable information and you think it will make your blog popular, right? But the truth is that when the article is released, no one cares about it except you, whether you send it to others or post it in facebook group or forum, you only get a few turns of interest and gradually sinking into oblivion

This is understandable because in the era where millions of articles are published every day and the content has the same quality (if you don’t believe you can see competitor blog), plus with thousands of new bloggers jump in Every day, there is no way we can digest all this Huge of information, and to avoid losing time we usually choose reputable sites that appearing in top of Google and we default them is the best content, (In fact, large websites often search and aggregate information from small, medium blog or even tabloid newspapers, sometimes they do not need to verify information!), and of course tens of millions of other blogs are ignored, of course including your new website.

The Trusts

"Content is king" is the saying of pro-bloggers who have a reputation in the market they are not too difficult to drive traffic to their site, their goal now is not to try to build the reputation but to protect the reputation.

So all they do is provide the best content and optimization for the google search engine because they know there will be a lot of people reading it and be able to share it again with their friends, but for Small bloggers or just starting content is king is meaningless saying, I do not mean quality content is ineffective it's the best thing to keep you readers, But if you do not have readers, what do you maintain?

There is a truth in the online business world, It is most experts will never reveal to you what they really do to achieve success like today, all they have to do is paint a picture of the hard work and dedication (and that make people love them) while actually they take the shortcut to success, Are you shocked? because their job makes them do so, if they tell the truth then no one will believe them, I have exchanged with this expert and know this fact, it is very difficult for a new blog to come up just by offering quality content and hoping someone will understand what you do.

This is a real plan that I know it from a very famous blogger (I will not say the name), the truth is that when they start building blogs, the professionals focus on Marketing and PR, They focus on making it as widely distributed as possible

No matter how useful their content is if you look at the top posts on the dig or MNS they put the audience into two types of emotions: extremely positive or extremely negative. Even a well-known blogger said that to get the attention you need to add outrage, self-righteousness, and titillation.

Sometimes, to push they new go further, they begin to persuade local small newspapers or sites that they know, to help them disperse it, and then use fake provocative comments to generating responses from other audiences, they can even distort Wikipedia information if necessary, as you know Wikipedia is a source of reference for many journalists, writers, researchers, students.

And when the story begins to spread through the neighborhood, it will attract the attention of the larger sites as I have said the big sites often search for information from smaller blogs and like you seeing everything happened in a chain. Do you think this model is effective? Yes, effective as scary, an American Author/ public speaker use this strategy to become 3 #1 NY Times bestseller from zero reputation

And I also know that a lot of famous bloggers out there have been going this way, in the times of view is money as today, the most important is not readers it’s their news can attract a lot of views or not, the more they attract people to read the more they earn from advertising or products.

The story of a Big News Site

February 19, 2009. During what was supposed to be a standard on-camera segment, A Big news site(I don’t reveal the name’s site here) correspondent Rick Santelli had a somewhat awkward meltdown on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He went off script and started ranting about the Obama administration and the then recently passed stimulus bill. Then he started yelling about homeowners who bit off bigger mortgages than they could chew, and Cuba, and a bunch of other ridiculous stuff. Traders on the floor began to cheer, and he ended by declaring that he was thinking about having a “Chicago Tea Party” to dump derivatives into Lake Michigan. The whole thing looked like a shit show.

This site recognized from the reaction of their anchors—which ranged from horror to mild bemusement—that they had something valuable on their hands. Instead of waiting for the video to be discovered by bloggers, news junkies, message boards, and mash-up artists, this sites posted it on their own website immediately. While this might seem like a strange move for a serious media outlet to make, it wasn’t. The Drudge Report linked to the clip, and it immediately blew up. This was, as Rob Walker wrote for The Atlantic in an analysis of the event, a core principle of our new viral culture: “Humiliation should not be suppressed. It should be monetized.” Instead of being ashamed of this crappy television journalism, they were able to make extra money from the millions of views it generated.

To run with the daily publication, News of scandals, college protesters, Hollywood- are always the interest subjects for local newspapers/sites, they hardly ignore them because they provoke the audience, while truthful articles or useful tips are often overlooked because they often do not appeal to many readers,

So no matter how valuable your article is, it's meaningless if it's not priceless to attract viewers. After reading it, no matter what you write, it does not matter. - importantly you have already clicked.

Thorough instructions, specialized analysis, and formulas are loved by many and sometimes appear in the list of most emailed. But they do not tend to attract large numbers of visitors from other sites.

As a result, they are not funny enough for people to share and the spread is very low, I know professional bloggers know this but they do not want to say it because it can ruin their reputation, so if someone tells you to build a successful website you need to provide extremely useful information to the customer then you should reconsider.

As Chris Hedges, the philosopher and journalist, wrote, "In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we neither seek nor want honesty or reality. Reality is complicated. Reality is boring. We are incapable or unwilling to handle its confusion. "


Above is my opinion on the expert advice especially the “Content Is King”, this viewpoint is formed from my personal experience in the process of building blogs, research and work with a lot of pro bloggers, and what do you think about the quote “content is king” it is real or just a lie, please comment below to share your opinion.

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