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How To Use Email Marketing The Right Way

Kết quả hình ảnh cho email  marketing

Whether you are an individual or a business is promoting your services or products on the Internet. The collection of customer email is a core element should be taken at the present time.

In this article, I will introduce to you the concept of email marketing, how to use email marketing the right way without bombarding your customer, satisfied customers, help your brand, product or service is well known, email marketing tools as well as many tips that to help you reach more customers through email.

What is email marketing?

It is a type of marketing, promoting products or services via email. (Mostly now customers use email as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, sometimes there are customer use other strange email services or use email with their own domain).

The purpose of this is to get customers to know your product or service (in a clever way), provide useful information to customers, gratitude to customers, build the relationship with them, surveys and get their feedback to improve the quality of your service/products.

Along with that development, there are many email services open on the market that help you collect and send emails in bulk automatically such as Benchmark or Aweber[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through Benchmark link.]

However, many people take advantage of email marketing for SPAM to find customers, don’t do it, it will reduce your credibility, branding as well as the trust of your service, If you’re SPAMMING, leave it, you see you use it then no effect, but much harm.

How did you do Email marketing?

This blog specializes in making money online, I am a specialist in affiliate marketing, I have many websites and blogs that bring income for myself, from the website selling amazon products, the website for services, health products, digital products, ... making money with the affiliate is very beneficial because you don’t need to create products, even no customer care, and high commission,... If you want you can learn and do the same what I shared

Step 1: Navigate your visitors to your website / blog/application.

You direct visitors to your website, you can SEO the main keywords on your product or service to the top Google, people search on google and see your service, if people are interested they will click on, Or you can write articles related to your product or service which you’re promoting.

GUEST ACCESS INTO YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE POTENTIALLY CUSTOMER, POSSIBLE TO USE YOUR SERVICES. Do not drive traffic indiscriminately, use a variety of traffic-boosting services or autosuft tools to increase traffic, that's not effective.

If you want to get more traffic right way, read this 27 Way To Increase Website Traffic by Brian Dean

Step 2: When this POTENTIAL customer reads the content on your website, at here you preseed an email import box

For example Register for 30% discount on purchase(like on amazon, commission junction, eBay,..) register to receive Get a free gift or fill in your email and name to try ( For example, online English courses, French, Chinese use this).

Your service can do anything, even though it’s small but that makes them feel excited, impress your item and finally subscribe to your list.

There're 18 Amazing Landing Page Examples That Convert Over 60% Of Traffic

As you can see this site specializes in affiliate marketing guides, you can see this guides from opt-in form, sign up to try, this is how I use email marketing.

Step 3: When your customers trust and sign up for email, your next mission is: KEEP THE PROMISE TO THE CUSTOMERS

At the place where you write to customer enter their name and email, what are you promised with your customer will get after they entered, you have to do the same, if it’s a coupon, you will let the system automatically send it to your customers.

If customers subscribe for news, articles, you have to send articles, weekly updates for customers, if it’s the trial use, you have to give customers to try, ... in general You have to do WHAT YOU PROMISE FOR EMAIL REGISTRATION

Step 4: Impress your customers

Please DON’T promote your product or service to new customers who signed up, instead give them a good impression of your product or service.

If you’re a customer, you will know what your customers need, you can offer them other incentives, news, useful articles, or trial quality services. If you do well, the percentage of customers use your service that will increase.

Step 5: Introduce your product or service

Please introduce your product or service as cleverly as possible, I believe if the customer received the incentives or trial before if it good, they will buy your product or service immediately.

Step 6: Take care of your customers by email.

This is also an important step, you want the customer to continue to support you or introduce to their friends, the quality of service/product is one factor, another important factor that is your customer service must be really good.

Please send email to customers the instructions to use your product or service, provide the bonus for customers, always thank customers for use your services, products,...

Step 7: Continue to promote your other products/services

Customers are interested in and use your service/product, they will be interested in related services/products. If you offer these products or services. Be smart to promote them.

If your previous product/service is good, with great support, they will not hesitate to continue to support you.

Step 8: Get customer survey, improve product quality

Customers always want your products, services become better, more fully meet their needs, they will not hesitate to give an assessment, a survey to help your product/service be improved. Better yet, say, to improve your product/service as best you can, as your new product/service grows. 

Say to do, make sure your product or service is as good as possible, so that your business is sustainable growth.

The above are 8 steps to do email marketing according to a standard process, depending on the characteristics of each field, service or products, each step can be shortened or lengthened.

Is email marketing difficult?

No! It is easy because there are many tools to help you optimize marketing, you can do it easily without knowing, email marketing is an automatic system, you just need to install.

In the following article, I will guide you step by step to start the email marketing campaign effectively. The budget is not large, a few tens of dollars per month that you can maintain it effectively.

Again, say NO to the EMAIL SPAM tool. Do email marketing in the best way, build the trust and relationship with your customers through email marketing.

Please read the next series of email marketing guide. If you have any questions about this article please comment below, I will reply as soon as possible!

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